Sjón talks about Icelandic rockmusic & literature @ Iceland Festival Bozar Literature 2008

Bozar Literature: Iceland Festival 2008 (Brussels)
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Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson aka Sjón will talk about the Icelandic rock scene, also a lot of authors were or are active in this music scene.


Icelandic Hip Hop: O.N.E (2002)

O.N.E Video for “Lovesong“. Director is Oskar Ingi.

Seabear song "I sing I swim" – Movie The Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry‘s movie The science of sleep” uses Icelandic music by Seabear: “I sing I swim

Icelandic bands @ SPOT Festival Århus 2007

SPOT Festival
June 1-2 2007
Århus, Denmark
Supported by IMX (Icelandic Music Export,, three Icelandic artists will play at this year’s Spot Festival in Denmark.
Around 100 upcoming Danish and Nordic bands and artists with international ambitions will play concerts in central Århus. There will be conferences and seminars on current issues in the music business, and around 800 Danish and international representatives from the music business including record companies, publishers, bookers, concert organizers and media.
A notoriously diverse event, Spot features a range of sounds, from rock, pop, metal and folk to world music, jazz, hip hop and singer songwriters.
Representing Iceland will be Helgi Jónsson, Reykjavik! and Pétur Ben.
Helgi Hrafn Jónsson
Composer, singer, creator
Fri 1/6 Musikhuset lille sal, 18:00 “Nordic Co-writing”
Sat 2/6 Musikhuset lille sal, 21:15
Born in 1979, Helgi Jonsson creates an abundance of melodies, harmonies and sounds that would otherwise suffice for two or more careers in the music business. His debut album, “Gloandi” (2005, Material Records), united these melodies and sounds in a wide and thrilling variety of songs that range from the enigmatic soundstrucures of ‘1993’ to guitar-ridden rock songs like ‘Make Me Fall’. From angelic falsetto passages to gut-wrenching screams, Jonsson’s vocal ability amazes, touches and captivates.
“Reykjavik! have earned that exclamation point…” David Fricke, Rolling Stone
Fri 1/6 Ridehuset, 18.00
Kl. 18:00 Ridehuset
Reykjavík! got mangled in the scalding lava of Mt. Hekla 2000 years ago and thus learned how to express all of nature’s beautiful emotions and landscapes perfectly through song. Known for their scintillating live performances, the band’s debut album, “Glacial Landscapes, Religion, Oppression and Alcohol!” (12 Tonar) has been receiving glowing reviews from all quarters.
Pétur Ben
Award winning and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter:
Fri 01/06 Musikhuset lille sal, 21:45
Pétur Ben has managed to build up an enviable reputation with his imaginative songs and infectious melancholy melodies. At times playing solo, at times with a band, his performances are always powerful and passionate. As well as releasing his superlative debut album, “Wine For My Weakness,” Ben has also arranged for Nick Cave, Mugison, Slowblow amongst others, and composed the musical scores for two productions at the Reykjavík City Theatre this past year.

For more information on the Spot Festival:
Iceland Music Export (IMX)

Helgi Jonsson performing "Hali Hali"

Helgi JonssonHali Hali” Live

Glóandi” was his first album (2005).

Í svörtum fötum "Paradis"

Band Í svörtum fötum video for song “Paradis

Song of the 10. Week were Funi with "Morgunbaen"

Funi with song “Morgunbaen” were the song of the 10. Week.