Worm is Green @ Reykjavik Art Museum @ Iceland Airwaves 2007

All slideshow pictures of Worm is Green @ Iceland Airwaves ’07 by Wim Van Hooste.



Song of the 33. Week is "Mexiko" of Unun

The Song of the 33. Week is Unun‘s “Mexiko“. This song is from the Album “Ótta” (released 1998).
More about the band Unun: http://this.is/unun

Elíza Newman Geirsdóttir @ NASA @ Iceland Airwaves 2007

Elíza Newman Geirsdóttir @ NASA @ Iceland Airwaves ’07
Wearing the most beautiful dress of the festival – Iceland’s colours redblue-white.

All photographs of the Slideshow by Wim Van Hooste

Elíza sings
Hjartagull” Live @ Icelandic TV Program Kastljos

More Elíza: www.myspace.com/elizanewman

Gus Gus @ NASA @ Iceland Airwaves 2007

See the “I love Icelandic Music” T-shirt in the press pit (2:12 and further)
Video by Kitty von Sometime

Here is de Slideshow of my Gus Gus photographs (taken in T-shirt):

It took a while (see Kitty Video above) until Gus Gus with Daniel Agust came on the NASA stage. A performance with D.A. as sort of J.C. (Jesus Christ) on the cross & colourfull dressed (backing vocal) singers. Climax with President Bongo and friends (Esja, Hairdoctor) screaming for Einar Örn to join the band with the Gus Gus song and my Friday anthem “If you don’t jump, you’re English“.

Ghostigital @ NASA @ Iceland Airwaves 2007

Einar Örn “Sugarcube” Benediktsson & Bibbi “Curver” Thoroddsen of Ghostigital did a performance @ NASA @ the 9th Iceland Airwaves ’07 Festival. There was a unique collaboration, a sort of mess-up, involving President Bongo (Where are you Einar?), Esja (= Duo Daniel Agust (ex-) Gus Gus & Krummi of the band Minus), the singer of Hairdoctor, Curver doing all together Gus Gus song “If you don’t jump, you’re English“.

Dýrđin’s "Bubble Girl" one of the best songs of Airwaves ’07 according to Pitchfork’s Douglas Wolk

Iceland Airwaves Review
by Douglas Wolk of Pitchfork
I feel a little odd cutting out of !!!‘s packed, stellar gig-at the same time as Bloc Party and Chromeo are both playing a few hundred yards away -to check out a band I know only through a couple of MP3s. Fortunately, Dýrđin, playing upstairs at the tiny Grand Rokk to about 30 people, are the discovery of the festival for me – a gloriously pithy, pogo-worthy sha-la-la band in the Pipettes/Heavenly vein. (“No no no no no no no,” in Icelandic, turns out to be “nei nei nei nei nei nei nei.”) They’ve got a keyboardist in what looks like a Marimekko sweater, a bassist with an Iron Maiden T-shirt, and a pair of harmonizing singers with Swinging London haircuts; their set-closer, “Bubble Girl“, is so familiar and perfectly formed that I figure it has to be a cover. (It’s actually one of the songs I’d heard on the Iceland Airwaves site, but they play it about twice as fast.

I was one of the 30 people … and one of the few who was taking pictures. Here’s Wim Van Hooste’s Slideshow of Dýrđin‘s energetic Bubble Girls & Boys performance @ Grand Rokk @ Iceland Airwaves ’07: