Making of "Declare Independence" Video by Michel Gondry for Björk

French Academy Award-winning director Michel Gondry continues his rich music video history with Björk, with the Icelandic singer’s epic anthem, Declare Independence. Inspired by Björk’s electricifying live show, the video was filmed in Long Island City, NY, and features an unusual and elaborate set, not to mention a mid-air suspended bassist in Mark Bell. Björk, meanwhile, sings through a megaphone, transforming her voice into endless flowing colors. “Björk and I’s work together is based on trust and friendship,” Gondry, who’s now directed seven of her videos, explains.
Have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘Declare Independence.’ Come back on December 6 for the premiere of the full video, exclusively on Spinner:


Ghostigital "Cracker" Video

New Video of Ghostigital‘s song “Cracker

Ghostigital "Cracker" Video

New Video of Ghostigital‘s song “Cracker

Rökkurró Live "Í Sjávarháska" @ Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam (NL), November 2007

Rökkurró perform Live “Í Sjávarháska” @ Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

BBC Longlist The Next Big Thing 2007 with 1 Icelandic band "Hraun"

The BBC The Next Big Thing 2007 Longlist
The following bands and artists have got through to the next round of The Next Big Thing 2007.
They are currently being judged by our global panel of music lovers and experts.
Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think of the tracks at
Beatrice Moses
Ha Ha Orchestra
J Cee
Jeremie Johnson
King Tut
Maya McCallum
Noam Faingold Orchestra
*Penny Broadhurst*
Sherieta Lewis
Shortcut Therapy
Tshila & The Ecclectics
Wicked Aura Batucada

About Hraun (English: Lava)
Astarsaga ur fjöllunum
Hraun prefer to call their musical genre “mood swing”, as it reflects the ebb and flow of singer/songwriter Svavar Knútur‘s emotional tides. Ranging from melancholy to alcohol-fuelled rage, Hraun travel far and wide in their quest to explore the human condition.
More Hraun @ and and Svavar Knútur Kristinsson

Song of the 37. Week: Motion Boys "Hold me closer to your heart"

Hold me closer to your heart“: Motion Boys‘ Song of the 37. Week.

Motion Boys @ NASA @ Iceland Airwaves ’07 Slidehow
All photographs by Wim Van Hooste.
More Motion Boys @

Seabear Video "I Sing I Swim"

The Video for Seabear‘s song “I Sing I Swim” was directed by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir & Sindri Már Sigfússon.
This is a song of Sebear’s Debut Album “The Ghost That Carried Us Away

7oi Videos

7oi Videos

Iceland Airwaves ’07 by Icelandair Director