New Dr. Gunni Album "Inniheldur"

Gunnar L. Hjálmarsson better known as Dr. Gunni releases his New Album 3. April.
Maybe there will be Concert @ Sódóma Reykjavík venue 22. April (last winterday). The same day Eberg is playing there too, he’s releasing his Album “Antidote” also on the April the 3rd.
Dr. Gunni inniheldur
Erðanúmúsik Label
Prince: 2000 IKR as a CD or 1000 IKR for download
CD comes with a 72 pages booklet.
Only 300 copies will be made of the CD.
Review by Dr. Gunni himself: Þetta er helvíti góð plata, þótt ég segi sjálfur frá.

Rökkurró @ VOX, Maldegem, Belgium 29. March 2009

Rökkurró played some songs from their Debut Album “Það kólnar í kvöld…” (2007) and also new songs Live @ Vox (previous Cultuurhuis Maison) venue @ Maldegem, Belgium Sunday 29. March 2009. This was the band’s first Belgian gig. I loved it.
They were selling their Debut Album, as well as a “Tour EP 2009” with 9 recordings (demos of new 2 songs (2009), 2 songs of homemade first release, 5 binaural recordings that require earbuds/headphones).
Playlist @ Vox:
1. Untitled (new song)
Ferðalangur (Það kólnar í kvöld…)
3. Sekundur (Tour EP)
Allt gullið (Það kólnar í kvöld…)

5. Í blíðu stríði (Það kólnar í kvöld…)
6. Endalok (Tour EP)

Ljósglæta (Það kólnar í kvöld…)

8. Untitled (new song)
9. F. W. Murnau (Tour EP)

Interview with Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson (Paul Oscar) in Iceland Review Magazine (Autumn 2008)

Entertainer Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson (aka Paul Oscar) drolly describes himself as “Iceland’s biggest pop star icon if there ever was one”.
An Interview about the Icelandic pop sound, gay activism and living to the ripe old age of 111.
By Eliza Reid
Published in Iceland Review Magazine 46.03.
Confessions of a Pop Nerd
ER: What’s your favorite part of being a musician?
All the nerdy things. We have a huge box that can make a thousand different versions of a “beep” and the trick is to find the right “beep”. This is what I love. But I also love performing live. There is this energy to performing live that has always fascinated me and I’ll be interested in that until I’m 80.
ER: So are you going to be performing until you’re 80?
Yes. Like Mae West.
ER: Is there an Icelandic pop music scene?
We have a very specific sound called the Icelandic sveitaball (countryside ball) sound. You could say it’s soulful rock. It has great melodies and great hooks. Icelanders are rock ‘n rollers really. Icelandic people cannot dance to the rhythm; they dance to the lyrics. If you go to a disco, you’ll notice that Icelanders don’t move their feet to the rhythm but they do sing along.
ER: Why?
It’s like they don’t have the rhythm in their feet, but they have the knowledge in their heads. It’s probably because our forefathers were stuck in these muddy cottages writing poetry and the sagas. This is our origin.
Read more @
For Charlotte.

Eberg goes commercial

Don’t Be A Stranger” by Feldberg.
Eberg (Einar Tönsberg) & Rósa (of the band Sometime) worked together under the name Feldberg. Duo recorded six songs.
Song is used in a Nova Ad.
Music by Eberg/Rósa is also used in an Ad for Kringlan (Shoppping Center).

And in a non-commercial Ad for Umferðarstofa (Road Traffic Directorate)

Song of the 105. Week: Cosmic Call’s "Cold Hands"

The Song of the 105. Week is “Cold Hands“, a song by Cosmic Call, a band from Akranes, a town known for its cement plant, nearby alu plant & the band Worm is Green.
Shortly, the band changed their name, previous called The Pet Cemetery. The Pet Cemetery didn’t win the Global Battle Of The Bands in 2008 (Agent Fresco did).
Recently they recorded an EP called “Cosmic Call” @ Studio Sýrland, to be released very soon.
I’m going to see them performing @ the Nokia on Ice Festival next Friday 3. April. I booked my ticket today. Other bands on stage are Jeff Who?, Mammút, Bang Gang, Sometime, Dr. Spock, Sudden Weather Change, DJ Matti & Bárujárn.

Blóð Útgáfutónleikar/Release Concert @ Grand Rokk: "Icesafe" Live (2009)

Punk band Blóð! Útgáfutónleikar/Release Concert 28. March 2009 @ Grand Rokk venue
Blóð Band Members are: Björn Gunnlaugsson on Guitar, Björn Kristjánsson (aka Borko) on Drums & Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson on Bass
Released on Brak Records Label, a sub-label of Kimi Records.

Trúbatrixur @ Café Rosenberg, Reykjavík 31. March 2009

Trúbatrixur á íslandi
The little offspring of Undercover music lovers movement and was inspired by the Melodica acoustic festival which was held in August last year.
The idea came from watching all the amazing talented women who performed over the weekend and one of them thought, why not create a network of women in music and arts and have concerts and venues and art and what not?
Program 31. March @ Café Rosenberg @ Klapparstígur
8:00 Opnunar atriðið 3 raddir
8:20 Frumpets
8:45 Miss daisy
9:10 Elín Ey
9:35 Pascal Pinon
10:00 Girl in a dark room
10:25 Uni
10:50 Elíza
11:10 Jara
11:30 Áslaug Helga
And it’s for Free!

Kira Kira @ Roskilde Festival

This year Kira Kira will perform for the first time @ Danish Roskilde Festival.
Before that she’s 3 times on stage @ UK.
Here’s a Video I shot @ Cultuurhuis Maison, Maldegem, Belgium on her previous European Tour.
Melur Sjarmur” (Charming Bastard)

Vote for the 100 Best Icelandic Albums Ever Made

You can vote for the 100 Best Icelandic Albums ever made @ this site: or
Organised by Félag HljómplötuFramleiðenda (FHF), radio Rás 2 & website
Check the long list of 485 Albums, pick up to 50 Albums and Vote (“Kjósa!”).

TOP 15 published by Jens Gud in the Book Poppbókin back in 1983:
1. Á bleikum náttkjólum – Megas & Spilverk þjóðanna
2. Ísbjarnarblús – Bubbi
3. Sumar á Sýrlandi – Stuðmenn
4. Lifun – Trúbrot
5. Fingraför – Bubbi
6. Plágan – Bubbi
7. Geilsavirkir – Utangarðsmenn
8. As Above – Þeyr
9. Sturla – Þeyr
10. Mjötviður mær – Þeyr
11. Gæti eins verið – Þursaflokkurinn
12. Breyttir tímar – Egó
13. Rokk í Reykjavík – Ýmsir
14. Drög að sjálfsmorði – Megas
15. Iður til fóta – Þeyr

TOP 15 published by Dr. Gunni in the Book Eru ekki allir í stuði? (Plötur aldarinnar)(2001):
1. Ágætis byrjun – Sigur Rós
2. Debut – Björk
3. Á bleikum náttkjólum – Megas & Spilverk þjóðanna
4. Sumar á Sýrlandi – Stuðmenn
5. Lifun – Trúbrot
6. Ísbjarnarblús – Bubbi
7. Geislavirkir – Utangarðsmenn
8. Með allt á hreinu – Stuðmenn og Grýlurnar
9. Kona – Bubbi
10. Life´s too too Good – Sykurmolarnir/The Sugarcubes
11. Sturla – Spilverk þjóðanna
12. Hinn íslenski þursaflokkur – Þursaflokkurinn
13. Gling gló – Björk og Tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar
14. Lengi lifi – Ham
15. Homogenic – Björk

New Album by Leaves will be released 11. May 2009

The New Album by the band Leaves will be released 11. May 2009. This 3. Album is entitled “We are shadows“. Their previous Album “The Angela Test” was released 4 years ago. Debut “Breathe” in 2002. The band is on stage @ Sódóma Reykjavík spot 15. April.
More Leaves @
Photograph of Leaves @ Hafnarhusid @ Iceland Airwaves 2006 by Wim Van Hooste.