Animation "Alone" feat. Amiina’s Song "Ugla"

Animation “Alone” feat. Amiina‘s “Ugla
New Album with 9 songs is expected to be released in September.



Björk & Dirty Projectors: "All We Are"

A Song of the “Mount Wittenberg OrcaBjörk/Dirty Projectors Project
More information @ Stereogum
Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

Iceland Inspires Concert 1. July 2010 @ Hamragörðum undir Eyjafjöllum

Iceland Inspires Concert
1. July 2010 @ Hamragörðum undir Eyjafjöllum
Due to a stormy weather forecast for the South Coast of Iceland there are going to be some changes tomorrow!

GusGus is Inspired by Iceland from Inspired By Iceland

For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) is Inspired by Iceland from Inspired By Iceland

Hjaltalin is Inspired by Iceland from Inspired By Iceland

Watch the concert online @ Inspired by Iceland

Jóhann Kristinsson – Jón Þór Ólafsson in Concert @ Babalú 1. July 2019

Concert of
Jóhann Kristinsson – Jón Þór Ólafsson
Thursday 1. July 2010
@ Babalú, Reykjavik
Johann Kristinsson released the EP “Tropical Sunday“, a couple of days ago.
Jón Þór Ólafsson is well known for his success in bands like Lada Sport, Isidór & Dynamo Fog.
Lada Sport Live @ Venue (16. June 2010)
The world is a place for kids going far


Jóhann Kristinsson @ Facebook
Jóhann Kristinsson @ MySpace

Lada Sport @ MySpace

Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Reykjavik: Grapevine Got Legs!

Grapevine Got Legs!
is a free walking tour designed for folks who want to know how and where to hang out in Reykjavik, learning some of its stories without looking like a total tourist. It’s fine if you look like a tourist, though.
On the walk you’ll find out some of the secrets to Reykjavik’s cafes, music scene, galleries and nightlife. The two-hour tour starts at independent music and art shop, Havarí, and will end at a choice bar where you’ll be able to chat with locals and share a beverage (or eight).
During the tour, you’ll get several short presentations from local art and music scene folks who will orient you with all of the fun and innovative things happening in the city. The tour runs for approximately two hours and will include free and discounted samples of local food, music, art and drinks.
As a thank you gift for joining the tour, you will get a special discount card to bars and cafes in the downtown area – and your Grapevine Certified™ tour guide will help you figure out what fun things you might enjoy doing over the weekend, to ensure you tap into that special local feeling.
And did we mention that it’s free? ‘Cuz it is!
Tour starts every Friday @ 16:00, at the Havarí Music Shop & Gallery.
First one on Friday 1. July with Tour Guide Julia Staples.

Extreme Chills with Somewhere Else – Troopa – Thizone @ Hemmi & Valdi 1. July 2010

Extreme Chill
Somewhere Else – Troopa – Thizone
Thursday 1. July 2010 @ 22:00
@ Hemmi & Valdi
Laugarvegur 21, Reykjavík

Ben Frost selected by Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative

Ben Frost Selected For Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative 2010-2011
Reykjavík-based Australian musician & producer Ben Frost has been selected by Brian Eno for mentoring in the Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative 2010-2011.
The initiative is an international philanthropic programme designed to assist rising artists to achieve their full potential through one-on-one mentoring with artistic masters over the course of one year.
Ben Frost lives in Iceland since 2005. He is a co-founder of the Bedroom Community Label and artist collaborative which includes artists such as Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly.
The award includes a prize of 25,000$.
Rolex Mentor Protégé