Svavar Knútur Picnic @ The Park

Upcoming gigs in Reykjavík in August

Where to enjoy some music in the 101 Area in August?
A selection:

Sunday 1. August 2010
Me, The Slumbering Napoleon
@ Havarí, Austurstr. 6 @ 15:00
Thursday 5. August
DJ Einar Sonic
@ Bakkus @ 22:00
Moses Hightower @ Café Rósenberg @ 22:00
Two Tickets To Japan & At Dodge City @ Faktorý @ 22:00
Friday 6. August
Plastic Gods & guests @ Faktorý @ 22:00 – Admission 1200 IKR
Metal Night / Angist & guests @ Venue Venue @ 22:00
Saturday 7. August
The Telepathics & guest @ Faktorý @ 22:00 + Retro Stefson DJ Set @ 24:00
Wednesday 11. August
Manslaughter Fundraising Concert @ Kaffistofan Art Gallery, Hverfisgata
Doors @ 19:00 – Start @ 20:00
Manslaughter is recording their debut Album “Man’s Laughter & need some money to release it
Supporting Acts: DLX ATX & Noctürnal Glacier
Thursday 12. August
Release Concert @ Faktorý @ 22:00
ra – Chili & The Whalekillers @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 21:00

Grapevine Magazine talked with "Aunt" Björk

Haukur S. Magnússon of Grapevine Magazine had a long chat with Björk.
You can read the whole interview here.
Drawnings were made by Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir of FM Belfast.

Dont Panic TV Episode #2: Agent Fresco

Dont Panic TV Episode #2
featuring the band Agent Fresco
Written & Directed by Bowen Staines
Assistant Camera: Gunnar B. Guðbjörnsson
Editor: Bowen Staines
Concept, Motion Graphics & Still Photography: Bowen Staines
Live Sound: Hlynur Guðbjörnsson & Bowen Staines

DontPanicTV Episode 2: Agent Fresco from Bowen Staines

This is the new bass player of the band

Vignir Rafn Hilmarsson.

Agent Fresco @ MySpace

Rúnar Magnússon – Mixed Feeling #5: "Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom" & "Cutter Loop"

Rúnar Magnússon
Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom
Video by Nebulagirl
Mixed Feeling #5 -Your Imaginary Feeling Of Freedom’ is a track of Rúnar Magnússon‘s album “Mixed Feelings“.
Released on Whitelabel.
It has now been digitally re-released on Hljóðaklettar and is available as an add on to the USB release “Options” by Rúnar Magnússon.

A Hljóðaklettar event is coming up in August @ Reykjavik Art Museum and possibly another live venue as well.
Expect to see video screenings, installations, performances & concerts by artists such as Evil Madness, Reptilicus, Vindva Mei, DJ Musician, Rúnar Magnússon, Ryan Simpson, Nebulagirl, Thor Magnússon, Sabrina Joy, Melissa Roberts, Björk Viggósdóttir, Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir and others.
With free Sehr Gut Cocktails for guests.
More information later.
Rúnar Magnússon

Runar Magnusson- Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom from Hljóðaklettar

Cutter Loop” Video by Ryan Simpson
Rúnar Magnússon’s track was originally recorded for the theater piece “Butterfly Effects” which was performed @ Aarhus, Denmark & @ Tromso & @ Oslo, Norway (2009).

Runar Magnusson- Cutter Loop from Hljóðaklettar

For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) Release Concert @ Iðnó Video (24. July 2010)

FaMRHöldum Í Átt Að Óreiðu” Release Concert @ Iðnó venue, near the Tjörnin lake downtown Reykjavik on 24. July 2010.

Album release concert 24 July 2010 in Iðnó Reykjavik from For a Minor Reflection
FaMR Website

Extreme Chill @ Hemmi & Valdi Tonight

Extreme Chill
@ Hemmi & Valdi, Laugavegur 21
Thursday 29. July @ 22:00
Reykjavík, Iceland
Moonlight Sonata (France)
Beatmakin Troopa

Sudden Weather Change @ Faktorý 29. July 2010

Sudden Weather Change
& guests
@ Faktorý venue
Thursday 29. July
Doors @ 21:00
Start @ 22:00
Admission: 500 IKR
Sudden Weather Change will perform their debutSudden Weather Change” EP @ Faktorý (the old Grand Rokk) tomorrow. Two months ago a Facebook group was made which challenged the band to take fan favourite “Godspeed” again live. The guys haven’t played Godspeed nor any other song from their EP live for a long time.
Sudden Weather Change said they would play the song if 116 people would join the group, but now there are 128 guys playing, so they’ll play, not only Godspeed, but the whole EP.

Prey mode” Live @ Ghent, Belgium (2010)

Sudden Weather Change @ MySpace

Thule Rock Festival @ Dillon Rock Bar 30. July 2010

Thule Rock Festival
@ Rock Bar Dillon
Friday 30. July 2010 @ 18:00
On the program:
Ad Dodge City
Dark Harvest
Two Tickets To Japan

Morning after youth
Pascal Pinon
Nevolution (Acoustic!)

Nögl Live @ Rock Bar Dillon (2010)

VickyTender Demand” Acoustic @ Hemmi & Valdi (2009)

Innipúkinn 2010 Schedule

Innipúkinn Music Festival
@ Reykjavik
9th Edition
Friday 30. July – Sunday 1. August 2010

21:00 Sóley
22:00 Markús & the Diversion Sessions
23:00 Of Monsters and Men
00:00 Me, the Slumbering Napoleon
01:00 Ojba rasta

21:30 Lára
22:30 Lay Low
23:30 Árstíðir
00:30 Útidúr
01:30 Orphic Oxtra

20:30 Snorri Helgason
21:30 My Summer as a Salvation Soldier
22:30 Stafrænn Hákon
23:30 Morðingjarnir
00:30 Quadroplus

20:00 Kristín
21:00 Nóra
22:00 Pascal Pinon
23:00 Mr. Silla
00:00 Evil Madness
01:00 Nóló

20:00 Formaður Dagsbrúnar
21:00 Sin Fang
22:00 Hudson Wayne
23:00 Moses Hightower
00:00 Æla

20:30 Heavy Experience
21:30 Diddi Fel
22:30 Berndsen
23:30 Raggi Bjarna & hljómsveit
01:00 Retro Stefson

Tickets are modestly priced 2.900 ISK for the whole 3 day program (wristband that grants access to full program). You can also buy day-pass for at the price of 2.000 ISK.

Age limit: 20 years is the minimum age

Get your ticket @ MIDI or
@ Havarí record shop (Austurstæti 16, 101 Reykjavik) or
@ Skífan record shop (Smáralind mall, 201 Kopavogur) or
@ the door of Sódóma (Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavik) from 20.00 every evening

Downtown 101 Locations:
Sódóma, Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavik
Venue/Bakkus, Tryggvagata 22/Hafnarstræti, 101 Reykjavik
Naustið street between Tryggvagata & Hafnarstræti (in front of the venues) for more street fun