>S.H. Draumur will play the album "GOÐ" (& more) @ Sódóma 4. December 2010 | Akureyri concert on 20. November

>GOÐ is Icelandic – Yes, s/he is
Dr. Gunni‘s band S.H. Draumur plays the album “GOД @ Sódóma venue on 4. December 2010.
The sale of tickets starts on MIDI 2. November @ 10:00.
Admission: 2200 IKR
Supporting act: Skelkur í bringu
Videos of S.H. Draumur were made by KEXP Radio of 2 songs: “Nótt eins og þessi” & “Eyðimörk eru hér“.

Akureyri not forgotten
For the people of the North, or faraway from the capital area:
There will be a concert @ Græna hattinum venue @ Akureyri, capital of the North on 20. November (tickets available @ the venue).
Suicide Coffee is the supporting act in the north.
Admission: 2000 IKR
This will be the first time that S. H. Draumur performs @ Akureyri ever!
Dr. Gunni’s Website

>Soon on a Computer or Laptop close to You

>Watch your back! Soon this blog will start up.
Until the launching of this new blog, you can read all my previous posts on the I love Icelandic music blog.
Or you can visit the site of Bob: Bob in Iceland
On a weekly basis you get informed what’s hot & not in the Icelandic music scene.
These items remain:

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Song of the 186. Week: "Ein stök ást" by Lifun

186. Song of the Weeks is Lifun‘s song “Ein stök ást” (A single love). Airwaves festival is over by now, unless for the after-after-party people… So I have chosen an easy tune for you.

This song is featured on their Debut Album “Fögur fyrirheit“. Lyrics of “Ein stök ást” were written by Baldur Þórir Guðmundsson





Lifun @ MySpace

Music Alliance Pact (MAP) # 25 (October 2010)

It’s time for the 25th I love Icelandic music contribution to an international initiative, the Music Alliance Pact, aka MAP. I take part in this Blog Alliance since the start in October 2008. On a monthly basis music bloggers from around the globe select a track from their country which is then posted collectively and simultaneously on those blogs – giving each nation’s track international exposure.
A trip around the world in 36 songs with a take off in Iceland:
This month I contributed “Lava“, a song Captain Fufanu for Iceland.

Song of the 185. Week: "Party People" by Suicide Coffee

185. Song of the Week is “Party People” by Suicide Coffee. I dedicate this tract to all the party people attending Airwaves Festival this week & weekend.



Iceland, here I come

I’m on my way to Iceland to enjoy 12 days downtown 101 & surroundings.


Dirty Weekend with Reykjavik (2007)




This Eberg Video for the song “The right thing to do” (of the Album “Antidote“) features the airport, the Flybus & my Hotel Saga.



Song of the 184. Week: "Maðurinn sem vildi verða Guð" by Króna

184. Song of the Week is “Maðurinn sem vildi verða Guð” (The Man who wanted to be God) by the rock trio Króna with frontman Biggi í Maus aka Birgir Örn Steinarsson (previous in the band Maus), Jón Valur Guðmundsson (also in the bands Bubble Boy & Who Knew) & Hjalti Jón Sverrisson (Miri).
Króna @ MySpace