>Extreme Chill @ Kaffibarinn & Venue 10-11. November 2010


Extreme Chill
in collaboration with
Kaffibarinn & the Electric Funhouse
10. & 11. November

Stereo Hypnosis are going to introduce their new upcoming album “Synopsis” a collaboration with the Italian musician Pulse (Marco Galardi) which will be realesed later in the middle of December! The album was inspired and recorded in the beautiful Tuscany country of unbound nature, with ancient towers and everything!
Johann Eiriksson, the pioneer of Icelandic dark industrial electronic music and a member of the legendary experimental electric-group Reptilicus, Ruxpin (Jonas Guðmundsson) and DJ AnDre.

The first Night (10. November) @ Kaffibarinn @ Bergstaðarstræti @ 21:00
Dj AnDre
Beatmakin Troopa
Jafet Melge
+ Special Guest
Free Admission

The second Night (11. November) @ Venue @ Tryggvagata @ 21:00
Stereo Hypnosis
Johann Eiriksson
DJ AnDre
Admission: 1000 IKR (incl. appetizer)


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