>Svavar Knútur released new album "Amma" today

>New album “Amma” by Svavar Knútur is available @ Bandcamp for 9 USD.
Album contains covers of Icelandic folk & traditional songs alongside original material. His next album will contain originals.
The whole album was recorded live @ Aðalsteinn‘s (his publisher) home in the art street Skólavörðustígur of Reykjavik.
His grandmother Svava was there & listened to the good old songs that he had always wanted to sing for her. He dedicated this album to his grandmothers: Svava, Vilborg & Þórhildur. “Amma” means grandmother in Icelandic language (“afi” is grandfather). The sound engineer, Jón Skuggi, sat in the kitchen and listened to every cracking joint, hum and loud breath in the room.
Svavar Knútur: vocals, guitar & ukulele
Árni Heiðar Karlsson: piano on “Ferðalok
Jónina Erna Gunnarsdóttir, Harpa Gunnarsdóttir, Anna Helga Guðmundsdóttir, Urður G Norðdahl: Backing Vocals on “Draumalandið
Little Documentary about Svavar
Producer: Lilienfilm
Journalist – Editor: Anna-Lilja Häfele
Camera Operator: Christian Struck, Sebastian Joos
Sound: Brümmer 


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