>Sudden Weather Change New EP "Varrior"


Sudden Weather Change released the “Varrior” on Gogoyoko. Released on vinyl in February 2011?
Buy the EP for less than 3 EUR here.
This EP was recorded with Ben Frost @ Greenhouse Studio.
The first album “Stop! Handgrenade in the name of Crib Death ‘nderstand?” was my album of the year 2009.


>194. Song of the Week is by Just Another Snake Cult: "Spell of Platonic Reversal"


Song of the 194. Week is called “Spell of Platonic Reversal“. A song feat. on the Album “The Dionysian Season” of the band Just Another Snake Cult. It was released on Brak Label.
Buy the album @ Gogoyoko

Just Another Snake Cult @ MySpace