>Interview with Jónsi in Morgunblaðið Magazine "Monitor"


Interview with Jónsi in Monitor Magazine of Morgunblaðið Newspaper
Download the whole magazine here

Content of the interview
Jónsi did the last gig of his worldwide tour in Iceland, @ Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik on 29. December 2010. They had 99 gigs on this tour. 
Sigur Rós is almost 17 years old, started on 4. January 1994.
He talked about touring the world.
He started to learn how to play guitar @ the age of 9.
Listened to a lot of metal & Iron Maiden.
He was member of some garage bands.
About the band Bee Spiders competing in the Musiktilraunir (“Musical Experiments”, a  sort of battle of the bands for young people) competition back in 1995.
He’s born blind in his right eye (Nervus Opticus, nerve pathology).
He went to the Menntaskólinn við Sund College, where he got in touch with bass player Goggi Holm & drummer Ágúst Ævar “Gústi” Gunnarsson in the smoking room. They started to play Smashing Pumpkins songs. Gústi gave a violin bow to Goggi as present, but Jónsi started to use it on his guitar. He didn’t use it after the Takk album.
Jónsi is asked about the infamous Sigur Rós interview @ an American radio station in 2007. They were tired of the trip (flying from Japan) & the stereotypes.


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