>R.I.P. Bjössi Biogen


 R.I.P. Biogen
24. February 1976 – 8. February 2011

It’s always very sad when somebody your age dies. Today I found out that Bjössi died the night before.
I met him for the first time @ the Aldrei fór ég Suður festival last year. We talked about remixing Sigur Rós, Ronald equipment and promoting Weirdcore on my blog. 

The last performance of Biogen I experienced was @ Airwaves last year @ the fantastic venue Tjarnarbio.
An Icelandic music pioneer passed away…
Biogen about Ajax (together with DJ Thor) in the documentary “Electronica Reykjavik“:
Bob Cluness wrote some nice words on his blog
Iceland Music Export (IMX) interviewed him last year about the Weirdcore project.
Here are some videos I shot last year:
On stage @
Aldrei fór ég Suður

In the swimming pool

With Mugison on Mugiphone

With the Synchronised Swimmers of Davíð Þór

Recently I posted about his career on my Icelandic Music Museum blog.
On Facebook he gave a reaction; he had some troubles with my name.

Thanx Biogen
# 38
Sigurbjörn / Bjössi Þorgrímsson

Thule Records in June 2000 (Visir)
 Ajax Duo Comeback in December 2000 (Visir)
 Together with múm in February 2000 (Visir)
 Together with Egill Tomasson in October 2000 (Visir)

 October 2000 (Visir)


June 2001 (Morgunbladid)
 @ Gaukurinn in May 2001 (Morgunbladid)
 In profile in February 2001 (Morgunbladid)

 February 2001 (Morgunbladid)

 Performance @ Nylo Museum of Modern Art in June 2001 (Morgunbladid)
Review of “You are strange” in October 2002 (Morgunbladid)
October 2003 (Morgunbladid)
November 2003 (Morgunbladid)
Ajax Comeback in October 2003 (Visir)

 More Ajax in 2006 (Morgunbladid) 

Weirdcore in 2008 (Fréttabladid)


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