>New Band: Puffin Power


Today I painted the drummer of the new band “Puffin Power“.
Puffin Power (Acryl 20x20cm)

>Song of the 203. Week is California Cheeseburger’s "On the beach"


203. Song of the Week is “On the beach” by California Cheeseburger.
California Cheeseburger are Ari Eldon on bass & vocals, Riina on guitar & vocals, Kommi on drums & Pétur on guitar, organ &vocals.

California Cheeseburger first appeared as a trio in 2005, when Pétur Úlfur, Ari Eldon and Riina Pauliina started writing and recording songs together. Pétur and Ari had played together in the band Panman earlier, while Riina had been busy with her own bands, the Homebreakers and Minä Rakastan Sinua.
In 2005 they played their first gig, at a Gay Pride party in Reykjavík and maintained a fairly active schedule for the following year. In 2006, Cheeseburger recruited local legend Kommi (Langi Seli og Skuggarnir, Oxsmá) as a drummer, but only played once in public after that before disbanding.
Now, they have risen from their grave only to record songs that were too good for collecting dust and release it as their debut album “Holland Island Bar Light“. The album has a genuine soothing surf vibe to it and one can imagine standing at the beach porch with beer and BBQ, and afterwards taking a nap in a hammock and drift away.
California Cheeseburger @ MySpace
Ching Ching Bling Bling Label

>Echo & The Bunnymen and Iceland – Video & Album cover shot in Iceland

>Echo & The Bunnymen are Íslandsvinirnir
On my old blog I love Icelandic music I made items about videos shot in Iceland & album covers with photographs shot in Iceland.
Echo & The Bunnymen did both. 
Long before Damon of Blur, Jarvis of Pulp, drum ‘n bass guru Goldie became friends of Iceland in the 90’s. The video for the song “The Cutter” of their “Porcupine” album uses footage shot in the land of fire and ice (mainly all nearby the golden waterfall Gullfoss).
Read more about the album @ Wikipedia

The cover of the album “Porcupine” (1983) features the famous Gullfoss.

On my new blog Icelandic Music Museum I collected all articles about Echo & The Bunnymen published in the Icelandic newspapers over the years:
Echo & The Bunnymen in Iceland

>Jónsi won the inaugural Nordic Music Prize


Jónsi wins the inaugural Nordic Music Prize

The Nordic Music Prize’s distinguished jury has decided that the Nordic Music Prize goes to Jónsi for the album ”Go”. Jónsi secured the victory in close competition with 11 other nominees
The jury states:

The music of the winner could only have been made here, in the North. It sounds and almost smells like Iceland. It’s brave and life affirming pop music that grabs you by the heart in flamboyant technicolour.”
The jury consisted of:
Rob Young – Author of the new book Electric Eden, former editor of The Wire, now writer for Uncut and The Wire.
Andres Lokko – Scandianavias most influential music writer. Now based in London. Writes for Svenska Dagbladet.
Laurence Bell – Owner of Domino Records
Jeannette Lee – Former member of P.I.L. Owner of Rough Trade Records with Geoff Travis. Manager of Duffy.
Matthew Schnipper – Writer for The Fader.
Mike Pickering – Former Factory Records employee, now A&R at Columbia Records UK.
The other 11 nominees were:

• Dungen – Skit i allt
• Paleface Helsinki – Shangri-La
• Susanne Sundfør – The Brothel
• Robyn – Body talk
• Efterklang – Magic Chairs
• Serena Maneesh – S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor
• The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a scheme
• Ólöf Arnalds – Innundir skinni
• Kvelertak – Kvelertak
• First Aid Kit – The big black & the blue
• Frisk Frugt – Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite

>Amiina Live @ Kjarvalstaðir/Kjarval Museum @ Safnanótt on 11. February 2011

>Amiina Live @ Safnanótt @ Kjarvalsstaðir Museum on Friday 11. February 2011


>Biggi Hilmarsson goes Commercial

>The music composed by Biggi Hilmarsson (of Blindfold and Ampop fame) is used in a Motorola Ad, which was screened during the Superbowl on 5. February 2011.

Biggi’s Website

>Jónsi goes Commercial again

>Jónsi‘s music used in Ad again
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Jónsi’s Website