Jack Live útihátíð @ Dillon Bar This Weekend

Jack Live útihátíð @ Rockbar Dillon @ Laugavegur 30 @ Verslunarmannahelgina (Icelandic Bank Holiday)
A long Icelandic Rock’n’Roll Weekend:
Friday 1. August
Jeff Who?
Johnny & Rest
Shadow parade
Saturday 2. August

Jan Mayen
Shadow Parade
Tab 22
Sunday 3. August

Brain Police
Severed Crotch
Boys in a band
Hooker Swing
Ten steps away

Tommygun Preachers "Jawbreaker" Release Party @ Organ 31. July 2008

Tonight there’s the Release Party @ Organ of Tommygun Preachers Debut Album “Jawbreaker“.
Supporting act is DYS.

All Spitalfields Festival 18-20 September 2008

Recently Mark Ollard started blogging, mostly about Icelandic music. Go to his blog Iceblah @
He wrote about a Music Festival in East London, Spitalfields 18-20. September 2008, featuring Icelandic artists GusGus, FM Belfast & Steed Lord. First called Spitalfields Airwaves, because of the link with the Iceland Airwaves Festival @ Reykjavik and similarity: 3 nights – 10 small stages.
So London gets a lot of Icelandic music, next to the Reykjavik Nights.
Steed Lord @ Q Bar, Reykjavik, 19. July 2008 (which was the band’s first concert after the car crash)

Steed Lord Live @ LA, July 2008

"The Blizzard" by Vicky Pollard

Vicky Pollard put a new song on their MySpace profile today: “The Blizzard“. More songs are following the forthcoming weeks.
Song was recorded @ Tankinum @ Flateyri & mixed @ London by Crispin & Jolyon.
First Album will be released in Iceland next month.
On stage 31. July:
19:00 @ 220 Tonleikar – Hafnarfjördur
22:00 @ Hafnfirskt rokk @ Hansen – Hafnarfjördur

Singapore Sling & large Earthquake @ LA, California

The band Singapore Sling was in South California on Tuesday when an earthquake 5.4 on the Richter scale struck the Hollywood area.
Singapore Sling is playing 6 gigs on this USA Tour.
First gig @ New York together with The Brian Johnston Massacre.
The other 5 gigs are with The Meek.

"I wanna touch you" New Video by Merzedes Club

Merzedes Club didn’t make it to represent Iceland on the European Song Contest this year.
Merzedes Club is the brainchild of Barði Jóhannsson. The group was formed to perform Barði’s song “Ho, Ho, Ho, We say Hey, Hey, Hey“, one of the 3 songs he wrote for the competition, at the national selection for Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. They took the second place with this song that was written in 3 hours. The Song was a huge hit in Bulgaria.
Here’s another song of the band, uncertain if it’s a fake band (something like the singer/character Sylvia Night?).
I wanna touch you” Animated Video


Lifandi Miðbær: Music @ Hafnarfjörður 31. July

Lifandi Miðbær
On the Program:
Singer Dísa, the bands Vicky Pollard, Ten Steps away, We made god, Atómsstöðin, Hooker Swing, Út-Exit & Hraun.
Start: 18:00 @ Strandgötu á planinu við Súfistan