Quarashi Videos

Retro Stefson’s "Montana" Live @ Kimi Records Evening @ Tunglid @ Iceland Airwaves 2008

Retro Stefson
Montana“, the title song of their Debut Album, released on Kimi Records Label

Video by Wim Van Hooste.

FM Belfast "Frequency" @ Kimi Records Evening @ Tunglid @ Iceland Airwaves 2008

FM Belfast
Frequency” of their Debut Album “How to make friends” (World Champion Records, 2008 )

FM Belfast @ www.myspace.com/fmbelfast & www.fmbelfast.com
Video shot by Wim Van Hooste.

Nista released an EP

The band Nista is based in Montreal, Canada. The music is characterized by eclectic melodies, innovative instrumentation and quirky lyrics. The group is half-Icelandic, with lead-singer Stína Ágústsdóttir.
Nista @ www.myspace.com/nistamus

New Reykjavik! Video "Kate Bush"

Reykjavik! released their Second Album “The Blood” (Kimi Records, 2008) during the Airwaves ’08 festival. A very special edition with a sandpaper sleeve was made & sold @ Kimi Headquarters @ Smidjustigur (next to Grand Rokk venue).
Kate Bush


Skátar’s New Song "Party Liners" Live

A new Skátar Song played Live @ Akureyri. A video by iceairpodcast.
Party Liners

Skátar @ www.myspace.com/skatar

Borko "Ding Dong Kingdom" @ His Apartment @ Reykjavik

Borko Live Video shot by Stuart of Iceairpodcast
Ding Dong Kingdom